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Sanjeevv Bhatia Group

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Headquartered in Dubai-UAE Sanjeevv Bhatia Group (SBG) was established in 2004 with a focus on key emerging sector - Real Estate and to seek global opportunities that generate positive results for the local economy, environment and society.

As a strategic investor in new technology, products and markets, SBG has developed partnerships with noteworthy global businesses that are synonymous with SBG’s vision, goals and values. Over the past decade, SBG has conquered considerable milestones in expanding and growing its portfolio of investments globally.

With offices in the Middle East, Europe, Indian subcontinent, Singapore and America, today, SBG is a leading holding company in the UAE with businesses across a broad spectrum of product & service portfolio of brands like Teknoware, Netix Controls, ODS Global & Exenture. 

SBG relentlessly strives to continue strengthening and diversifying its portfolio, to further drive shareholder value and promote economic growth. Our aim is to achieve better business and innovation through strategic investments and by supporting the real estate industry through technology innovations. We have made progress since our inception and we owe it to all key contributors, right from our suppliers, customers, business partners, and last but not the least, our great staff who we consider as the pillars of our strength& success.

SBG has been carrying its operations unabated in various businesses including both at home and abroad, taking advantage of the superior-high-quality brands that we have in our portfolio.

SB Group’s portfolio:

1. Teknoware - Central Battery Emergency Lighting systems, HQ-Finland
2. Netix Global BV - Smart building management solutions, HQ-Netherlands
3. ODS Global - Smart system integrators, HQ-UAE
4. Exenture Global - Product, solution & technology - Distribution arm, HQ- Netherlands

Message From Chairman

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Our business is related with real estate industry and engineering services and as a policy we strive to lead by maintaining a safe and healthy infrastructure and living environment and flourish as a commercial enterprise. Our strength is our people, our partners, our processes and products. Integrity is our cornerstone. Our Objectives are consistency and central focus is the care for the environment.
Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction form the basis of our philosophy. Our theme is quality, Integrity, time, efficiency and security
Our primary objective, is to make maximum use of our technological and engineering competence, and to create jobs and add value to the national economy, while efficiently managing our risks through a balanced portfolio. We see the dynamic growth in technology and innovation as an opportunity to redefine connectivity, accessibility, sustainability and ease in habitats micro and macro with solutions developed at the core, making them applicable worldwide. Our system integration solutions have built a reputation for themselves alongside our life safety systems in terms of their performance, integrity, sustainability and, technological alignment amongst others. We are persistently working towards our aim to revolutionize the brown field sector with our products and services. Today, there is the growing requirement of making our environment smarter and we strive to contribute to this continuous requirement by constantly upgrading ourselves and our solutions whilst making them compatible for the future.
The ultimate goal is to grow and educate the people to build a better tomorrow together.

Sanjeevv Bhatia
Group Chairman


Mission, Vision & Values

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Superior value added services


Our mission is to establish the next engineering benchmark through innovative and automated solutions to optimize the performance of the industry. With our expertise, the industry benefits from our products and services, which unleash the full potential of their business.

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Dedicated to excellence


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To have innovative products and to provide engineering solutions that can save lives and protect property.

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Innovative, durable long-term solutions


Our core values dictate our behavior and help us determine whether we are on the right path to fulfilling our business goals.  It is this focus on our core values that enables us to provide superior solutions to our customers. 
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